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Topical Bible Study resources to read or download in Pdf format

God's word for today's world

Good for class teaching or personal study, these are in depth and progress logically questions such as ‘Is there a God?’ and ‘What is God like? right through to ‘What kind of Worship does God ask for?’

Slides include some excellent charts and some files contain over 5,000 slides, so please be patient when downloading.

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01 Does God Exist

01 00 Creation or evolution
01 01 Creation Birmingham
01a 00 Is There God
01b 00 Complexity
01c 00 Dating
01d 00 Genetics
01d 00 Genetics

02a God is Like

02a 00 God transcends
02b 00 God draws near
02c 00 God has spoken
02d 00 God is Omniscient
02e 00 God is Merciful
02f 00 God is Holy
02g 00 God is good
02h 00 God is Love
02i 00 God is Faithful

02j Deity or Godhood


03a Who is Jesus

03a 00 Why Jesus
03b 00 Empty Tomb
03c 00 Jesus evidence
03d 00 Who is Jesus
03e Jesus the Creator
03f 00 Jesus is Deity
03g Jesus Light of World

04a Bible God's Word

04 00 intro to Bible
04a 0 Question of Authority
04b 00 Two Covenants
04c 00 New Covenant begins
04d we can understand bible

05a Holy Spirit

05a 00 H S who is
05b 00 H S is deity
05c 00 H S inspiration
05da 00 H S Old Test
05db 00 H S New Test
05e 00 H S Conversion
05f 00 H S Church
05g 00 H S Indwelling
05g 01 H S Indwell or not
05h 00 H S Baptism
05i 00 Miraculous Gifts
05j 00 Healing
05j 00 Healing
05k 00 H S Gifts to end

06ab Sin and God's Grace

06b 00 What is Grace

06c Salvation God's Way

06c 00 Acts Time Line
06d 00 Way of Salvation
06d Gospel in eight minutes
06da 00 Big Picture Radford
06e 00 What is Faith
06f 00 Faith Alone eis
06g 00 What is Repentance
06h 00 Confession of Faith
06i 00 Baptism
06j 00 Conversions in Acts
06k 00 Conversions Chart study
06l Baptism Wheel M Mazzalongo
07a 00 Newness of life
07b 00 Cost of Discipleship

08a God's Kingdom

08a 00 God his Kingdom
08b 00 Church the Kingdom
08c 00 Jesus is KING

09 Church Family

09a 00 Church family
10a 00 teaching fellowship
10b 00 The Bread
10c 00 The Prayers
10d 00 Sing make melody
12 Divine Role of the Sexes

10 Bible Overview


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