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I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions about material on this website, especially how and where you have used it.  Graeme

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You are free to use material on this site.  I prepared and taught these lessons and sermons in my church and classes in Corby and elsewhere and I’m making them freely available that others may find them helpful. Resources by Frank McGuigan and Frank Worgan are also free for you to use. If you do find them useful you are free to pass them on.

In Christ,
Graeme Morrison

About Graeme Morrison

Born in 1948 in Fraserburgh, Scotland, Graeme Morrison is married to Susan and has three daughters Anita, Pauline, and Petra. He became a Christian when he was 19. Having spent his working life in manufacturing, in between shifts he regularly preached on Sundays and taught mid-week Bible studies. He enjoys spreading the Good News of Christ and modern technology has enabled him to share with others what he has learned and taught over the years. He freely acknowledges that any errors in the presentations are his.

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