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Acts Chapter 1

Acts 01_01_Ready_for_Kingdom 
Jesus prepares the apostles for the coming kingdom and promises that they will be empowered witnesses of all that Jesus had said and done.
To be with them as they proclaim His message of salvation through the Grace of God and Christ shed blood the apostles are still looking for a physical kingdom Jesus is to give them a message of a spiritual kingdom.
Acts 1:9-14; The Ascension of Jesus. Jesus promises again that they will receive power that will confirm the message they are to proclaim beginning from Jerusalem though Judea and Samaria into all the world.
Acts 1:15-26; Judas replaced Many fail to understand and see the significance of Matthias replacing Judas. There had to be 12 witnesses to be the foundation to establish the new family and kingdom of God. Jesus Himself being the cornerstone.

Acts Chapter 2:1-34

Acts 2:1 Pentecost and the Kingdom All things are ready for the new proclamation of the New Gospel The importance of Pentecost The 12 Apostles are ready to be witnesses and proclaim the Good news all they need now is the power to get the job done.
Jesus had specifically promised the 12 apostles would receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. That they might have all things brought to their remembrance, be guided into all truth, and given gifts that confirm their message.
Acts 2:4-13 The Holy Spirit Impact on the Apostles. The Holy Spirit gave the apostles an ability to remember all that Jesus taught them, Guides the apostles into all truth and give them an ability to speak in other languages.
Acts 2:14-20 In the Last Day’s? Peter’s Sermon helps us to understand the O.T. prophecies are beginning to be fulfilled on the day of Pentecost and demonstrates that the early Christians were living in the last days.
Acts 2:21-24 Call on His Name? What does it mean to call on His name? in order to be saved? We see that is involved in our faith and obedience to the message.
Acts 2:25-32 King David or Jesus? fulfilled prophecy. Peter uses the O.T. Prophecy to prove that Jesus is the Messiah.
Acts 2:23 Jesus Enthroned King of Kings the pinnacle of Peters sermon exalted at the right hand of God after His resurrection. Peter explains the significance of this in fulfillment of prophecy.
Acts 2:34 Jesus is King Part 1 King of Kings. The reign of Christ Jesus has all authority in heaven and earth and more specifically Jesus reign in the hearts of his people in His kingdom today.
Acts 2:34 Jesus is King Part 2. The reign of Christ Jesus. Jesus is reigning over His kingdom today. Jesus did not fail, God was not taken by surprise when Jesus died on the cross. Jesus is not coming back to set up His kingdom on earth because he has already done it.

Acts Chapter 2:37-42

Acts 2:37-41 Peter challenges people to respond to the gospel of Jesus and 3000 are saved by God's Grace and their obedience of faith. The message of God’s grace is proclaimed how does man respond to that message and become children of God in the first century.
Acts 2:38 God’s New Covenant relationship with His new people begins when?
If we can answer this question it automatically answers a lot of other questions.
This lesson helps us to understand and rightly divide the word of God.
What does the N.T. Says about our salvation by the Grace of God through the blood of Jesus? Is it all of God or do we have to respond to His message.
We need to be aware of the context? Jesus Death Burial and Resurrection is the fulcrum point Acts 2 is where Peter explains for the first time the salvation through the blood of Christ is available to mankind
Lesson 1 How to become a Christian. Our sin and the Love of God contrasted, Our need and God’s Grace Sin needs to be faced and God wants to give us every opportunity to come into a relationship and fellowship with Him.
Lesson 2 How to become a Christian Gods Grace and our response, Our need and God’s Grace God’s Grace and our Faith working together.
Lesson 3 How to become a Christian. Gods Grace and our response, How God calls us into a relationship with Him and the confusion of the message as to how to do that.
Acts 02:38ia Holy Spirit Indwelling? Lesson 1 When we respond to the grace of God by faith, repentance and baptism, we also receive the indwelling Holy Spirit and are born again. How does the Holy Spirit Indwell a Christian?
Acts 02:38ia Holy Spirit Indwelling? Lesson 2 When we respond to the grace of God by faith, repentance and baptism, we also receive the indwelling Holy Spirit and are born again. Our Body is a Temple in which the Holy Spirit dwells.
Acts 2:42a teaching fellowship? The early Christians were told to continue steadfastly in the Teaching and the Fellowship? we have a look at what this meant to Christians in the first century.
Acts 2:42a Breaking The Bread and Prayers? The early Christians were told to continue steadfastly in Breaking The Bread and Prayers? We have a look at what this meant to those in the first century. The Lord’s Supper
One of the outstanding duties, privileges and joys of the Christian life is the opportunity to share our thoughts and aspirations
with God our Father, we call this prayer.
Christians have the responsibility to speak to one another "in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, "singing and making melody" in our hearts to the Lord.” Do we need instruments to help us achieve this. The scriptures and the history of instruments in worship

Acts Chapters 3 and 4

Peter and John take the opportunity to heal a man disabled from birth, a genuine miracle which then gives Peter and John the opportunity to preach the good news of Jesus’ power to save.
After healing the disabled man Peter preaches his second recorded sermon about the risen Christ and the fulfillment of Old Testament Prophecy.
Acts 4:1 The Jewish leaders want to destroy the new family of God so despite having seen a man healed they attack what they see as the leadership of this new group. Thinking if they can destroy the leadership they will destroy this new growing challenge
Acts 4:8 Peter and John proclaim boldly that salvation through the grace of God can only be found in Jesus. Jesus resurrection makes the difference and opens up the way back into a relationship with God.
Acts 4:33 With great power Peter and John testify to the resurrected Christ and the message touches and transforms the hearts of the believers. It motivated them to care for others in need.
Acts 4:32 to 5:16 Ananias and Sapphira’s hypocrisy is followed by Peter and John’s boldness to continue to preach the good news of Jesus and His kingdom despite persecution.

Acts Chapters 5,6 and 7

Acts 4:32 to 5:16 Ananias and Sapphira’s hypocrisy is followed by Peter and John’s boldness to continue to preach the good news of Jesus and His kingdom despite persecution.
Acts_05_17_Obey God
Acts 5:17-42 Obey God. Peter and John are given the challenge of the choice of obeying God or obeying man, this choice continues today to challenge all of us.
Another challenge faced. The Hellenistic widows were being neglected in needs distribution. The apostles are seen to lead wisely in dealing with a difficult situation. Seven men are chosen.
Lesson 1 Stephen begins his wonderful historical sermon challenging the Jewish leaders to see that they are making the same mistakes as their forefather did in the past by denying God’s prophets and their messages
Lesson 2 Steven continues his marvellous message highlighting how God has spoken and worked with the Jewish people in times past.
As Stephen continues to reveal God’s plan for giving the opportunity for all men to have their sins forgiven and for all men to have the opportunity of coming into a saved relationship with God. The Jewish leaders close their ears to the message and stone Stephen to death.

Acts Chapters 8 and 9

After Stephen’s death a great persecution broke out against the assembly at Jerusalem, all except the apostles were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria. Many people respond to Philip preaching the gospel.
We are introduced to Simon who is impressed with the miracles that confirm Philips message and wants to buy the ability to do miracles.
In the middle of nowhere Philip shares the good news about Jesus and the Ethiopian responds to the message and is born again.
Saul is stopped in his track and told to go to Damascus where he will be told what he must do. The persecution of the people of God becomes the proclaimer of the message of Jesus.
Peter raises Dorcas from the dead. Peter stays with Simon the Tanner and gets a lesson from God about what is clean and unclean as Peter is prepared to take the message of salvation to a Gentile and his family.

Acts Chapters 10, 11 and 12

Peter raises Dorcas from the dead. Peter stays with Simon the Tanner and gets a lesson from God about what is clean and unclean as Peter is prepared to take the message of salvation to a Gentile and his family.
Peter shares the message of Jesus and through the message being proclaimed Cornelius and his family are converted, born again into the family of God without the need of first becoming circumcised as a Jew.
This is special study looking at the gift of languages and the baptism of the Holy Spirit in regards to Cornelius and his family.
This study looks at what was meant by the keys of the kingdom and the power to loose and bind. Jesus gave this privilege to all the Apostles.
The gospel spreads. James is killed Peter is imprisoned and escapes, Barnabas and Saul return to Jerusalem.

Acts Chapters 13 to 20

Acts 13:1-12 1st Missionary Journey Lesson 1 Acts 13:1 to14:28 a Journey of 1,235. Antioch in Syria to Derby and Back. Paul and Barnabas go through Cyprus, Lycia, and Galatia proclaiming the good news about Jesus.
Acts 13:13-37 1st Missionary Journey Lesson 2 Acts 13:1 to14:28 a Journey of 1,235. Antioch in Syria to Derby and Back. Paul and Barnabas go through Cyprus, Lycia, and Galatia proclaiming the good news about Jesus.
Acts 13:38-52 1st Missionary Journey Lesson 3 Paul and Barnabas go through Cyprus, Lycia, and Galatia proclaiming the good news about Jesus.
Acts 14:1-17 1st Missionary Journey Lesson 4 Paul and Barnabas go through Iconium to Lystra proclaiming the good news about Jesus.
Acts 14:18-28 1st Missionary Journey Lesson 5 Paul and Barnabas go through Lystra to Antioch in Syria proclaiming the good news about Jesus.
Acts 15:1-35 False brethren try to drive a wedge between Jewish and Gentile Christians by promoting circumcision. The apostles come together with the elders and congregation in Jerusalem to sort things out before it gets out of hand.
Acts 15:36 to 16 17: 2nd Missionary Journey Lesson 1 begins in Antioch in Syria to Philippi. Paul and Barnabas have a disagreement. They part ways. Barnabas goes to Cyprus. Paul and Silas travel through Syria and Cilicia.
Acts 16:18-40 2nd Missionary Journey Lesson 2 At Philippi Paul and Silas Imprisoned and Jailor converted, the gospel of God’s grace continues.
Acts 17:1-13 2 Missionary Journey Lesson 3 Philippi to Berea. In Thessalonica Paul preaches in a Synagogue. Some Jews and Greeks are converted. Later a mob tries, unsuccessfully, to capture Paul and Silas.
Acts 17:14-34 2nd Missionary Journey Lesson 4 Athens. Paul is distressed by the extent of idol worship. He preaches about Jesus and the resurrection. Some oppose him. Others become believers. including a man named Dionysius and a woman named Damaris.
Acts 18:1-22 2nd Missionary Journey Lesson 5 Corinth to Antioch. Paul travels to Corinth and evangelizes. He meets a Jew named Aquila and his wife Priscilla, who moved to Corinth after Roman Emperor Claudius ordered Jews to leave Rome.
Acts 18:23-28 Aquila and Priscilla and Apollos. Lesson 1 The journey starts in chapter 18:23 Paul is moving to the regions of Galatia and Phrygia, in order to strengthen the brethren. Apollos is taught the way more perfectly by Aquila and Priscilla.
Third Missionary Journey. Lesson 2 Acts 19:1-41 Paul goes to Ephesus and works there for two years three months. He was a messenger of salvation, so he focused his whole life upon sharing that message with those who were lost, hopeless, and doomed by sin.
Third Missionary Journey. Lesson3 Acts 20:1-21 Troas to Miletus. Paul stays long enough to meet on the Lords day with the congregation to break the Bread, that is to partake of the Lord’s supper on the first day of the week.

Acts Chapters 21 to 28

Third Missionary Journey. Part four Acts 21:1-17 Ephesus to Jerusalem. Paul and his travelling companions had to “tear themselves away” from the Ephesian elders. they all had great love and respect for Paul. Paul and his party welcomed by Christians of Tyre.
Acts 21:17-40 Paul in Jerusalem. Paul has really completed his third missionary journey at this point. We will see in this section Paul acts on the advice of James the Lord’s brother to disprove the accusations of the Jews that he is a traitor to his nation.
Acts 22:1-30 Paul’s Defence to the Jews. Paul tells of His Conversion. Paul will tell his story again as he stands before King Agrippa and Festus, the Roman governor of Palestine. Paul speaks of Gods plans to include the Gentiles sets off the crowd from listening to rioting.
Acts 23:1-35 Paul’s Defence before the Sanhedrin. Paul said I am a Pharisee, the son of a Pharisee concerning the hope and resurrection of the dead I am being judged! An attempt at Paul’s assassination.
Acts 24:1-27 Paul’s Defence before the Felix. Paul kept in custody for two years. Felix called for Paul many times to hear him talk because he found him interesting and because he hoped Paul would offer him a bribe.
Acts 25:1-26:32 Paul before Festus and Agrippa. The Sanhedrin plotted against Paul. Notice how they wanted to take advantage of Festus. They know that he is new on the job, Paul escapes another plot.
Acts 26:1-32 Paul’s defence before Agrippa. 26:1-5 His life as a Hebrew. 26:6-8 His belief in the real reason that he was being charged. 26:9-11 His original persecution of Christianity. 26:12-18 His vision of the risen Jesus on the Road to Damascus.
Acts 27:1-44 Paul begins his journey to Rome. Paul has survived the murderous plots of the Jews in Palestine. Will he escape them just to go and be killed in Rome?
Acts 28:1-19 Paul from Malta to Rome. Paul is shipwrecked 276 men are saved by following Paul’s instruction. Paul continues towards Rome and takes courage at the three Taverns.
Acts 28:19-31 Paul at Rome. Paul's is a prisoner in chains he must explain why he is a prisoner to the satisfaction of the Jews before they will ever listen to the Gospel. He preaches the gospel and it includes the hope of Israel seen in Jesus’ death burial and Resurrection.

Acts Chapters 27 to 28

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